When I moved to Amsterdam in 2016 with my husband, two children and a goldfish it was a bit of a shock for us all ! Although the city was beautiful, exciting and welcoming, everything was new and it took us a year to figure out the Dutch system and way of doing things. So much was different : not only housing, schools, healthcare and childcare, but also the culture and day to day living.  


When I met Peggy, I soon realised that my experience was not unique. As an “old” expat she helped me in many ways and made me realise that to successfully integrate, family members need to find their bearings quickly to feel at home in their new country.


Sharing our experiences convinced us to start our own relocation company to help expats , single and families, have a smooth and seamless transition into their new life.


As a career-driven mum working as a media sales manager in Paris, I wanted to use my skills to help others. My twelve years in business have made me not only resourceful  and efficient but also a good listener with excellent time management skills. Ready 4 Expat is my new adventure but it may also be the beginning of your new adventure in the Netherlands !

Emily Thomas Partner at Ready 4 Expat

I left France in 2001 to follow my partner as he pursued his career abroad.  After 16 years out of France, I love to say that I’m a european citizen ! I settled in 3 different countries, with consideration of my career too and  gave birth to 3 kids in an environment that was not mine originally.

It has been an amazing adventure.

My background in human resources and coaching has given me not only a deep interest in people and relationships, but also a great insight into the needs and concerns facing expats moving to a new country.

As an “expat” myself I know how difficult it can be to struggle with every little thing of your daily life and support your partner and family in the same time.

Having lived in the Netherlands since 2010, I feel well equipped to help people settle into their new country. So, when I met Emily, with her positive and enthusiastic approach, I realised she was the perfect partner for me and that’s how we launched Ready 4 Expat !

Peggy Bregevin, Partner at Ready 4 Expat