A French secondary school in Amsterdam ?

Marie, Aurélie, Janka, Sylvie, Céline, Ivonne and Rym undertaken the arduous project of creating a French middle school in Amsterdam.
Their goal is to open in September 2018 with a « 6ème »  class (ages 11 to 12), as well as possibly, depending on the demand, a « 5ème class » (ages 12 to 13). The subsequent class of 4ème and 3ème (ages 13 & 14 year-olds, respectively) would follow with the first promotion.
Currently they are in touch with the Amsterdam City Hall, Dutch schools and a large community ready to help us.
They have the support of the French consular advisors Hélène Degryse, Catherine Libeaut and Marie Christine Kok Escalle.
If you are also interested in supporting this project, or helping them with your skills and expertise, do not hesitate to let them know.

The french patisserie of Amsterdam

Greed is not a bad thing !

Come and discover “My Little Patisserie” as a little bubble of charm and poetry in the heart of the Pijp, dedicated to gourmands .


Audrey will treat you with “100% french” creamy pastries : Eclairs, choux, lemon tarts mille-feuilles….. You’ll become an addict !


No hesitation , our favrite is the “Eclair a la vanille”


Eerste Van der Helststraat 63

1073 AD Amsterdam

monday to friday : from 9.30 to 5.30 / saturday from 9.00  to 5.00

020 470 69 49 for orders !


The french illustrator Aurelie stages the wonderful city of Amsterdam with beautiful and inspiring illustrations.

After graduating in fashion design at ESAA Duperré, in Paris, she studied painting at the Fine Art School in Milan. Then she became illustrator for famous magazines (Elle, Marie-Claire, Votre Beauté, Psychologies, Version Fémina , International Herald Tribune…). In 2014 she moved in Amsterdam with husband and kids. Her work is a reflection of the things she loves : Vivid colours, good laughs, tea, red mullet, gardening, thriller books, vintage furniture, chocolate, board games, cheese and baguette, blue ceramic, walking in Paris and biking in Amsterdam and so many other things.

We love her style !